Trainers Media bo Khalq work on curriculum

Trainers for the Media bo Khalq project of IMCK were helped by their Dutch colleague Hans Maas to put together a curriculum for the post graduate training in journalism that starts on August 1, 2009. They worked on it for 3 days, from July 5 till July 7, 2009.

Maas leads the Dutch equivalent of Media bo Khalq, a eight month course to teach graduates how to become a journalist. The Rotterdam Erasmus University has a training like that called for short PDOJ (Post Graduate Course in Journalism).

Trainers for Media bo Khalq (Media for People) are Xdir Domle (lead trainer), Ako Muhammed (print), Salam Omer Ibrahim (TV) and Mazen al Taer (TV).

Media bo Khalq is set up with financial aid from the Netherlands, the USA and the Kurdish prime minister. It will teach 30 students from all over Iraq. Participants still can apply, although the selection procedure has started.


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