Workshop journalists and politics started

Three Dutch parliamentary reporters came to Irbil to help their Kurdish colleagues to extend their knowledge on how to report on politics and on the parliament. Hans Otte, Milja de Zwart and Roel Geeraedts all worked in this field for years. Otte is leading the training, as he did a civil journalism training with IMCK last year.
With the elections coming the three Dutch reporters also try to teach colleagues in Kurdistan how to inform people to help them cast their votes.

In Irbil, at the building of Aras Publishing, on April 21 they started a workshop of 7 days with 3 groups of journalists: working in print, radio and TV. Co-trainers are Xdir Domle, Shwan Muhamed and Ako Mohammed.

The project is part of a project IMCK has started to create more understanding between reporters and politicians, and is partly funded by the American reconstruction fund.


Chia said…
Well thanks for those who spent time and effort to put something new in our politician's vision. they are desperately in need of such expert to widen politician's short-sighted sickness into far-sightness. though it might take a decade or so to do so, and i think in less than that, there would be no outcome. to extinguish an ego-instinct that had been lighten for years, would probably need more than decades. it is time for our politician to think about peopl's viw point, not only their own egoism. when the qween of britian came to riegn during the 20th of last century, she said " i am not here to talk and to be listened, but rather to be critizized and listen to you. i don't want to sit and you cheer me up." so dear colleagues; you better make those politicians listen to their people, we in kurdistan are fed up with their vaccant speechs, theoretical attidudes. it is time for action....

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