Seminar on reporting on elections

IMCK organised on April 28 a seminar on reporting before, during and after elections for Kurdish journalists. The seminar, which took the whole morning, was part of the civil journalism training for parliamentary reporters held in Irbil from April 21-28. Apart from the participants to the workshop, other journalists were invited to the main hall at Aras Publishing House in Irbil.

Three Dutch journalists (Hans Otte, Milja de Zwart and Roel Geeraedts) talked to their Kurdish colleagues about their experiences with reporting on elections, and gave them some ideas on how to get politicians to use the media to get their plans and ideas to the voters. Media could get politicians and voters into contact by traveling around the country in a special bus, or even a Hummer. Or by organising debates between politicians. The main message of the morning was to get politicians to talk about content, about their plans, in stead of being used for fights between them and for slanging matches.

The workshop finished with the participants listening to and watching each others work, and 23 of them receiving a certificate.


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