IMCK gets Kurdish permit

IMCK finally received the offial permit from the Kurdish Ministry of Interior, dated April 7, 2009. After a year of training and consulting for media, it has officially become a Kurdish ngo.

IMCK is working from its main office in Sulaymaniya for the whole of Iraq. Soon workshops will be organised not only in the Kurdish region of Iraq, but also outside, in Baghdad and other Iraqi towns where safety for the trainers and the participants can be guaranteed.


Chia said…
It is great opportunity for all Iraqi and Kurdish Massmedia to improve their knowledge about vairiety of subjects. Promoting Massmedia is really needed all over the country. but as i see, the government itself has not been interested in this subject, because it is partly or indirectly is going to affect their corruption. and their corrupted rulling of the people.
well, may little exagerate about what is going on in Iraq, and specifically in Kurdistan region; but nevertheless, the consulting should start from leaderships, parlemant....etc, till it reach the ordinary employers.
keep it up.....good job.

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