Lveens second training

Dutch trainer Robert Slagt returned to Sulaymaniya to offer a second workshop on basic journalism to the staff of Lveen. After the first, in May 2008, the political magazine became even more popular in Kurdistan and reached bi-weekly sales of 25.000 copies. But it also lost one of its staff, Soran Hama, in a revenge killing after a story about prostitution in Kirkuk.

Popularity does not mean improvement is not needed. Lveen needs to separate fact and opinion, needs to work more responsible, to be searching for truths, as trainer Robert Slagt told the participants. Subjects can be presented in a more interesting way. When more opinions are presented, a conclusion may be made by the author. The magazine has the tendency to publish sensational stories, and it is made for the political classes, not for normal civilians.

Slagt showed his disappoint-ment that only part of the staff partici-pated. Perhaps this is due to the success of the paper. 'They feel things are going well, many people buy Lveen.' That's why the top is less open to criticism, he feels.

Co-trainer during the workshop (25-29 April) was Ako Mohamed.


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