Workshop on transparancy of government

Dutch laywer Frank van Haren will provide a training to Kurdish journalists, politicians and lawyers on the principles concerning transparancy of governance. The training will be organized by IMCK in cooperation with KOCD (Kurdistan Organisation for Civil Development) in Irbil. Two workshops of 4 days each will take place between December 12 and 21 2008.

Van Haren will be focusing on the use of power by politicians and statesmen, as well as abuse of this power. Political power should only be used in accordance with the purpose of its existence, and not for personal purposes. When these two collide, one should let the public interest prevail over one's personal interests. Only the law can and should give authority and legitimacy to the actions of any politician or statesmen. Also, they should be honest and transparent in their actions and interests, in order to create a trustworthy institute called 'government'.

These principles will be illustrated by several examples to make them recognizable. The examples will serve as a frame during the workshop and corresponding authority-theory comprehensible. They will be related to some of the important but everyday issues in Kurdistan and in any country. For instance, how to administer the rights of the stallholders on a market, how to order the stands. How to decide the day on which the market is held?

Other examples could be related to the sewerage-system and pavement of neighborhoods or entire cities. Bigger projects like organizing and implementing the construction of infrastructure, or even water and energy supply will be taken into account and used to show the importance of transparancy of governance.

IMCK will offer two 4 day workshops, one for journalists, and one for politicians and lawyers.


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