Transparency workshop started

'States should have taxes', says Frank van Haren, trainer on the Transparency of Government workshop in Erbil, 'so the people who pay them have a right and a reason to ask something in return. That makes them more eager to check what the government is doing with their money.'

That is one of the central issues Van Haren brought up during the first days of his workshop in Erbil. He is informing 15 journalists from different media Erbil in 4 days about the background of good governance and transparency of government. His main point is what is democracy, and what else is needed but elections to make it work.

Later in the week Van Haren will also lead a workshop on the same subject for lawyers and politicians in Erbil. The workshops are organiazed in cooperation with the Erbil Journalists' Syndicate and the Kurdistan Organization for Civil Development (KOCD), and take place at the premises of KOCD.


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